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Helping Hands

Become a Volunteer
for Kidz World

Our next New Team Members' Training is Saturday, January 14th at 12 noon in the Ark.

We have a place for you in Kidz World.

Join a winning team that is shaping the lives of children to live the life God has designed for them today and in their future. We have volunteer opportunities inside and outside of the classrooms.

Children have a special place in God's Kingdom too.

They can be a part of our Kidz Choir, Puppet or Drama Team or a Junior Warrior.

Please find our next meeting date for each of our teams here

(link to the Kidz World calendar).

For more information about volunteer opportunities for you or your child, contact the Kidz World office at 248-353-3476, ext. 233.

Join a Winning Team!

Interested in becoming a volunteer?
Have questions about Children's Ministry?


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